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Thursday, July 8, 2010

never give up...

never give up on a loved one.
now matter how hard it seems,
no matter how bad it gets.
don't give up.
this is someone you love
and maybe all you have left is their shell...
but you must honor that loved one
and treasure that shell.

have no guilt

i too have acted poorly.
all the anger and meanness comes on so fast.
of course you react poorly.
now i know none of this is directed to me personally,
but on the onset, the beginning, with no preparation...
it's gut wrenching. it's terrible.
do not feel guilty for acting poorly,
just stop.

don't take it personally...

don't take anything personally.
this has become my new mantra.
having a loved one with dementia makes me realize,
this is my new mantra for life.

peace at night

late at night, all curled up in a little ball
so peaceful, so vulnerable.
hard to imagine earlier that day
so much anger, hate, volatile behavior
could come out of such a peaceful, vulnerable woman.